Interspecific grafting of Pinus patula


Benito González-Jiménez
Marcos Jiménez Casas
Javier López-Upton
Rodrigo Rodríguez-Laguna


clonación, compatibilidad, patrón, relación filogenética.


Objective: To evaluate the compatibility of Pinus patula grafts on rootstocks of seven pine species. Design/Methodology/Approach: P. patula scions were grafted on P. greggii, P. teocote, P. pseudostrobus, P. cembroides, P. ayacahuite, P. hartwegii, and P. patula rootstocks. The seven treatments were established in a randomized complete four block design; survival and growth were evaluated and recorded during the experiment.

Results: At eight months, P. patula and P. teocote rootstocks recorded the highest survival rate (35%), while no P. cembroides graft survived. .

Study Limitations/Implications: The rootstocks of P. cembroides, P. hartwegii, and P. ayacahuite were not compatible with P. patula grafting. This situation reduces the number of potential species that can be used to clone P. patula genotypes.Finding/Conclusions: The survival and graft growth were more successful on rootstocks of species phylogenetically closer to P. patula.

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